You can enhance the color of your images in EQ8 using the following tools:

Color Balance

The Color Balance dialog will automatically adjust color levels in the image. It will make the dark pixels darker and light pixels lighter. The result will enhance shadows and brighten the image.

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The Red/Green/Blue dialog box lets you change the amount of red, green and blue in the image.

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The Hue/Saturation/Lightness dialog lets you change all three dimensions of the images color values.

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The Colorize dialog lets you change the overall color and intensity of the image. The result of this dialog creates an effect very much like a duotone or two-color image.

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Color Accent

The Color Accent dialog lets you select a hue or range of hues to emphasize or isolate while minimizing the hues in the rest of the image.

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Hue Map

The Hue Map dialog lets you adjust specific hues in your image.

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Channel Mixer

The Channel Mixer allows you to apply creative color adjustments to an image.

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Create Colorway

The Create Colorway dialog can be used to create various colorations of the same image.

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