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Quilt by Amy Friend.

Reference Articles For All Products

Reference Support articles are topics on how to use different features of the software. These articles are usually found in the software Help files or in the user manual.


Workspace Basics

Block Viewer

Notecard Panel

Toolbars and Menus

Navigation Panel

Frequently Asked Questions

Working with Photos and Fabric

Working with Fabric Scans

Making Adjustments

Adjusting the Color

Adjusting the Brightness

Applying Effects

Applying Filters

Applying Symmetries

Tools and Menus


Quilt Worktable: Block Tools

Quilt Worktable: Fabric Tools

Other Quilt Design Tools

Block Worktable: EasyDraw Tools

Block Worktable: PolyDraw Tools

Block Worktable: Applique Tools

Block Worktable: Fabric & Thread Tools

About Project files


Designing Quilts

Quilt Basics



Setting Design Elements

Making Design Adjustments

Coloring Quilts

Custom Set Quilts

Photo Patchwork

Quilt Options

Start New Quilt Tab

Adjust Layout Tab

Edit Borders Tab

Design Quilt Tab

Digitizing Designs

Drawing Blocks

Types of Blocks

Block Drawing Basics

Setting Up the Worktable

Pieced Blocks Using EasyDraw

Pieced Blocks Using PolyDraw

Applique Blocks and Motifs

Coloring Blocks with Fabric and Threads

Draw Blocks by Tracing Images

Exporting & Sharing


Library Basics

Searching Libraries


Creating My Favorites

Linking Libraries



Print Basics

General Block Printing

Printing Quilts and Yardage

Print Block

Printing Template Patterns

Printing Foundation Patterns

Printing Rotary Cutting Charts

Printing Photos and Embroidery

Printing with Photo Layout

Print Settings

Program Preferences

Worktable Preferences